LTL/Shipping Policy

Vutec is a manufacturer, not a shipping company. We arrange shipping with 3rd parties as a courtesy to our dealers, please read and understand the following terms and conditions to ensure a safe, predictable delivery.

Dealers are welcome to make their own shipping arrangements and have their products picked up at our dock.

Standard LTL Practices – What to Prepare For as a Receiver / Consignee:

Standard practice for LTL carriers is to deliver shipments to a dock, or unload and drop it curb-side, NOT inside! Extremely large and heavy products must be unloaded at a dock or with a forklift that the receiver must provide. Inside delivery is a requested, additional fee that the receiver is responsible for. Also, if you have a commercial delivery address, the freight company will NOT call to schedule a delivery, they will bring the shipment during regular business hours. If you require additional services such as lift gate, inside delivery, etc., please inform the Vutec team at time of order to help schedule and arrange.

What to Expect on LTL Ground shipments:
• Vutec contracts with several carriers, and at our discretion will select a carrier for your shipment which best matches the level of service requested at the most competitive price. Please note that during peak periods pricing may vary by the day and estimates are subject to change.

Non-Standard Deliveries: In any situation outside a normal “door to curb” delivery, we highly recommend that you document and discuss your specific needs when your order is placed. Under no circumstances will Vutec be liable for additional charges an LTL carrier may assess if the details are not provided to us up front, in writing. Verbal conversations about a delivery should be considered FOR ESTIMATING PURPOSES ONLY, and are non-binding. If your delivery address resides in a beyond point, LTL carriers do not normally service that destination. Beyond Points aren’t restricted to Rural destinations, it is based upon LTL Service Coverage areas. Special arrangements must be made and premium charges will apply for this service.

Additional Charges / Back Charges / Change in Delivery After Shipment: If you are quoted freight above your partner program level, it is based upon the level of detail you provide us. Should additional charges be incurred or requested by the receiver, the dealer is responsible for those additional fees. These may not be charged for several weeks after the delivery, but know that Vutec will charge your payment type on file for these additional charges incurred.

Time Critical / Delays: We understand the need to plan your projects in advance. If your shipment is time critical, please inform the Vutec Team and we will investigate and inform you of expedited shipping options which may be available. In any event, once a product leaves our facility, Vutec cannot be held responsible for delayed deliveries due to strikes, weather, or other unforeseen events which delay delivery.

Vutec’s Responsibility as the Shipper:

Our standard LTL shipping includes pick-up at our Coral Springs facility and delivery curb-side to your registered “ship-to” address on file (assuming not a beyond point). See your dealer program for costs related to this shipping. Any other special delivery service requirements are the responsibility of the dealer. We will be glad to help make those arrangements with the LTL carrier, but that is a contract between YOU (the dealer) and the LTL Carrier.


Your Responsibilities as an LTL Recipient / Consignee:

Unless you have made prior arrangements, the LTL driver will unload the product curb-side. It is the RECIPIENTS responsibility to get the product inside the destination and inspect it IMMEDIATELY BEFORE SIGNING THE BILL OF LADING.

Inspection & Freight Claims: Deliveries MUST BE 100% inspected at the time of delivery and best practice is to take video and/or pictures of the packaging as it is received. If you suspect concealer damage, then you should note this BEFORE you sign and accept the delivery. Should this occur, you MUST NOTIFY VUTEC WITHIN 24 HOURS for us to file a claim, no exceptions. After this time, the carrier may deny the claim

How to Handle Damaged Deliveries – Accept & Note, Don’t Refuse: If a delivery is clearly damaged with ends torn off, bent in half, water marks, holes straight through, etc., it is tempting to refuse the delivery. We recommend you sign for the package as damaged, which protects you and Vutec. Call us immediately and we will walk you through unboxing and inspection. It is quicker for all of us to replace damaged components than an entire screen or lift! Otherwise, we will wait until the product is received back at Vutec, we will inspect, replace damaged parts, re-box and re-ship. This can easily add 2-3 weeks to a screen delivery. We can have most replacement parts on the road to you within 1-2 business days.

Attempt to Cancel an Order by Refusing Delivery: If you refuse a delivery as an attempt to cancel an order, please note you will be charged for shipping both ways along with the full price of the screen. If you ever have a change in needs while a screen is in transit, call your sales rep to discuss what options are available!

Drop Shipments – WORDS OF CAUTION! We understand the need to have product shipped directly to a jobsite. As a forewarning from past experience, this is the #1 avenue for lost dealer profits and upset end clients. If your product is shipped directly to the jobsite and there is damage to the package which is not noted at the time of delivery, you the dealer, are responsible for a denied freight claim and will have to re-order the product and pay for it all over again. In addition, as LTL is curb side, you cannot expect a homeowner to drag the box into their garage. If they live in a gated community which is LAD Limited Access Delivery, you may be back charged for delays at delivery. There many things can go wrong with a drop shipment! We will accommodate your request; however, we cannot be held liable for issues or charges that may arise.